Grey's Anatomy from Jan 2011

So I was watching an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy and the mentioned that anger was not one of the 7 deadly sins, even though it gets a lot of people into an emergency room. That’s a deep idea. Anger is a satisfying emotion, at least temporarily. Anger has gotten me into a lot of trouble. It got me kicked out of Blue Oyster Cult. Anger has caused me a good bit of regret. BUT It’s also a good motivator for a song. There have been a lot of great angry songs. Bob Dylan, anybody? Anyway, don’t be surprised if you hear more angry songs on the next Blue Coupe CD. You’d think that a bunch of old geezers like us would be mellowing out in our advanced age but it seems like we still have plenty to be pissed about.


We’ve been working on songs for the next CD at a leisurely pace. It’s really a lot of fun making recordings but it’s also very personal, especially for guys like us who have nothing to prove anymore. Nothing to prove, but still a lot to say.


We’re proud of Dennis and the other Alice Cooper Group guys for getting in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were really one of the most influential groups in the early 70’s from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones to the Sweet to Queen to Kiss. None of those groups would have existed if it wasn’t for the Alice Cooper Group. Oh, I forgot Blue Oyster Cult. We might have existed without the ACG but we wouldn’t have been half as good. Thank you, Vince, Dennis, Mike, Glen and Neal.

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