Albert Bouchard -

1968 Things I Notice Now   Tom Paxton   Elektra

1969 Arthur Comics Stalk Forrest Group Elektra

1972 Blue Oyster Cult   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1973 Tyranny & Mutation   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1974 Secret Treaties   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1975 On Your Feet or on Your Knees    Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1976 Agents of Fortune   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1977 Spectres   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1978 Some Enchanted Evening   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1979 Mirrors   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1980 Cultosauraus Erectus   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1981 Fire of Unknown Origin   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1982 Extraterrestrial Live   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia     

1986 Bambo*   David Roter Method    Unknown Tongue

1987 Career of Evil: The Metal Years     Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1988 Beauty of the Island    David Roter Method   Unknown Tongue

1988 Imaginos*   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1989 (Don't Fear) the Reaper    Blue Oyster Cult   CBS Special

1989 Soul Brother Crisis Intervention *  Heads Up   Roadrunner

1990 On Flame with Rock & Roll   Blue Oyster Cult   CBS Special

1990 Ave Maria*   Maria Excommunikata   Megaforce

1994 Eponymous   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

1994 Live 1976   Blue Oyster Cult   Castle Communications

1994 Dominance & Submission   Mike Watt   Columbia

1995 Trepanation*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

1995 Workshop of the Telescopes   Blue Oyster Cult   Columbia

1996 This Band Could Be Your Life   Brain Surgeons   Little Brother

1996 Box of Hammers*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

1997 Malpractise*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

1999 Piece of Work*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

1999 Archetype*   Helen Wheels   Cellsum

2000 St Cecilia   Stalk Forrest Group   Rhino

2000 The Best of Blue Oyster Cult, Don't Fear the Reaper    Columbia

2000 Find Something Beautiful   David Roter Method    Unknown Tongue

2001 To Helen With Love*   Brain Surgeons & Friends   Cellsum

2002 The Richie Stotts CD   Richie Stotts    Outlaw Productions

2002 They Made Me*   David Roter Method   Cellsum

2003 Beach Party*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

2004 Barn Dance*   Brain Surgeons   Cellsum

2004 Revolution on Ice   Gumball   Columbia

2005 To Helen With Love: The Concert *      Cellsum

2005 Black Hearts of Soul   Brain Surgeons   Bad Reputation

2006 Denial of Death*   Brain Surgeons NYC  Cellsum

2007 Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing   Ünderbelly   Motorheadbangers

2007 Fabienne Shine and the Planets   Fabienne Shine   Self Released

2008 Winter Soldier   Left on Red   Self Released

2009 Nothing’s Better Than Love   Kelli McCloud   Pambar Music

2010 Tornado on the Tracks   Blue Coupe   Self Released

2010 Fly Me to the Rainbow   Marlene Villafane   Pambar Music

2011 Astronomy   Ünderbelly   Self Released

2011 Internal Detective   Spirits Burning   Voiceprint  

2012 More Cowbell (Gotta Fever)   Blue Coupe Self   Released   

2013 Million Miles More   Blue Coupe   Self Released

2014 Incantation* Albert Bouchard Self Released

2014 Piangere* Aria Soboutti Self-released

2015 My Philosophy* DADA Greentree Self-released

2015 Cop on the Beat* Al & Mark Self-released

2016 Beauty of the Bambo* David Roter Method Self-released

2016 Roter's Monsters* David Roter Method Self-released

2016 The Roadmap in Your Head Spirits Burning & Clearlight GONZO MULTIMEDIA

2016 Manic Panic Christmas* Albert & the Sleigh Riders Self-released

2017 Archetype* Helen Wheels (re-release) 

2017 Surrealist* Albert Bouchard Most Cowbell Records

2017 It's Christmas… Again* Albert & the Sleigh Riders Most Cowbell Records

2018 Fidelis Ad Mortem (Faithful Unto Death)* Al & Mark Most Cowbell Records

2018 An Alien Heat Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock GONZO MULTIMEDIA

2019 Eleven Even Blue Coupe Most Cowbell Records

2020 The Symbol Remains Blue Oyster Cult Frontier Records

2020 Re Imaginos* Albert Bouchard Rockheart/Deko Records

2020 Hollow Lands Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock Purple Pyramid Records

2021 Imaginos II Bombs Over Germany (Minus Zero and Counting) * Albert Bouchard Rockheart/Deko Records

2021 Let's Get The Band Back Together Dictators  Self-released

2021 Festivus Dictators Self-released

2021 Sea Shanty Au Go Go  Blackstrap Yarnspinners 

2022 Existential Anger Knuckle Head Knuckle Head Prod

2022 Hellafied Robert Gordon Cleopatra Records

2022 American Rocker Joe Bouchard Rockheart/Deko Reocrds

2023 Imainos III Mutant ReformationAlbert Bouchard Rockheart/Deko Records

2023 Crazy Horses Dictators Deko Records

2023 When Legends Collide Blue Coupe Ingram Entertainment