This is the official site of Albert Bouchard. There are some other Abert Bouchards out there on the web but this the site for Albert Bouchard, the musician. I played and wrote songs for Blue Oyster Cult and have been involved in many other groups and projects that I am proud to be associated with. I continue to make records and write songs as well as do as many gigs as I can fit into my schedule. I update this website from time to time so come back every month or so to see what the latest mischief I've gotten myself into.

The second record of the Imaginos saga, Imaginos II Bombs Over Germany, is being released October 22, 2021. The record is available for pre order. New additions to the Imaginos roster now include Joe Cerisano, Richie Castellano, Buck Dharma, Eric Bloom, Dana McCoy, Don Falcone and Cyzon Griffin. Imaginos II pre-0rder

Season 5 of my weekly vlog series, Most Cowbell!!! started again in March 2021.  Look for it on and subscribe, if you haven't already, to see every episode. Bonus episodes coming this fall.

My monthly show ORIGINS has incorporated live performances of old chestnuts and new arrangements of classic BOC tunes in addition to spinning my favorite records, Check it out on the third Tuesday of every month from 7 to 9 Eastern Standard Time.

The second act of the Michael Moorcock trilogy (Dancers At The End Of Time) Hollow Lands, is complete and has been released on Purple Pyramid Records. It features all of the current members of Blue Oyster Cult and a host of other well known musicians.

2020 was weird with the pandemic disaster but I put my quarantine time to good use, recording a mostly acoustic version of my legendary record Imaginos. The record features myself and David Hirschberg playing and singing most of the parts but we also had help from Nashville guitar virtuoso, RJ Ronquillo, Joe Bouchard, Ace Bouchard, Greg Holt, Ross The Boss, Mookie Thomas, Vaughn Burton and Imaginos alum Doctor Jack Rigg. Re Imaginos was released on November 6, 2020, on brother Joe and my record label, Rockheart Records in partnership with DEKO records. It entered the Billboard charts at #97 to universal acclaim.