Blog Blues

I'm always saying I want to make a new blog post because I like to talk and am rarely at a loss for words but then something comes along and I don't get around to it. Lately it's been mostly working on various aspects of the Blue Coupe band business, whether it's designing and brainstorming new merch with my girlfriend Lesa and Dennis Dunaway or advancing and promoting all the gigs we've managed to book for ourselves this summer. But even when I think I've got everything under control there's car issues and yard work and shopping to pull me away from the computer.

So I feel behind in my reaching out to you all. It's been months since I've made a blog post or sent a newsletter. I am resolving that that will change starting today. By the end of the week I want to have at least 2 blog posts and a newsletter to go out.

In these postings I want to include the details on the past dates in 2012, upcoming Blue Coupe dates, the status of the new Blue Coupe recording, and progress towards funding the next Blue Coupe record.

So far this year I have put a lot of thought and energy into my teaching job. I decided that all my high school students were going learn the basics of music theory, starting at the very beginning, the mechanics of reading music and playing at least one instrument. The results were better than I expected and some of the students formed bands on their own and played out. One of my singers won first prize in a talent contest at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens and several others are pursuing music seriously by augmenting what I have taught them with private lessons. There is a lot more that I am doing but I don't want to bore anyone unless they want to know. Feel free to contact me as I'm always happy to share my knowledge and techniques.

I've gotten to travel quite a bits far this year, playing gigs in Pennsylvania and Nebraska with Mike Pinera's Classic Rock Allstars and visiting Corsica for the first time to play some awesome gigs with Blue Coupe in April.

Anyway I have a busy week coming up between pottery a workshop at StonyBrook University, a party for a friend, practice with Joe Hurley's band for the gig on Sunday, a dentist appointment, more car repairs, picking up a load of new Blue Coupe T shirts, more promo for the next round of Blue Coupe gigs and putting the pitch together for Blue Coupe's indiegogo funding campaign. See you later down the road.