They Made Me

David Roter Method

David Roter's third record released in 2000 features Blue Oyster Cult's Albert and Joe Bouchard, Jack Rigg and the Dictators' Andy Shernoff, many famous guest stars and David's unusual blend of pathos and humor.

The Legend of David Roter Sister Teresa took off her habit, carefully folded it and pat it down. Next came the flannel underthings, the wool socks and the sensible shoes.She Roll and Jesus," She wore a big smile. The big rock show was coming to town.

She stood and raised her fist when Buddy Holly played, She moved her hips to Richie Vallens. But it was a chubby charismatic ex-used car salesman from Dallas, the Big Bopper, who stole her heart. Like an angel sent by the Lord, a cherubic roadie tapped her on the shoulder, and informed her that the Bopper would like to see her backstage.

Events transpired as they usually do. They made love, quietly and sweetly. As they lay in the afterglow the "Big One" lit his victory cigarette. There was a knock on the door. It was Buddy Holly. He said, "JP if you leave right now with me there's room on the plane." The Bopper kissed her on the cheek and said, "That's Rock and Roll, honey."

In the months that followed that tragic plane crash, Teresa's life became a crazy spiral of casual sex and various drugs. Until one day one afternoon she realized she was eight months pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful boy. She named him David, which means beloved and Roter which means nothing.

The next three years were the happiest in her life until the dreams came, horrible visions of lepers and Jesus. One unbearable night she woke and said the word, "India." She put on her flannel underthings and her habit walked softly to the place where her little boy was sleeping. She laid her crucifix down next to him along with her prized possessions, a glossy photograph, which bore the inscription. "You know what I like, Love JP Richardson." In honor of her son, David, she vowed that from this day on she would change her name to Mother Teresa.

When David woke up and realized he was alone he cried. He cried for a long time and then he stopped.

Produced by Albert Bouchard Basic tracks recorded at MorningStar Music, Haledon NJ by Eddie Kish Mixed by Albert Bouchard Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Masterdisk Cover illustration by Manny Carjal Back cover photograph by Vivian Inside photograph by Bertha Cendero

Albert Bouchard: Drums, Keyboards Joe Bouchard: Keyboards, Bass Andy Shernoff: Bass Jack Rigg: Guitars Tommy Mandel: Keyboards Crispin Cioe: Saxes Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser: Guitars Soozie Tyrell: Violin, Background Vocals Zellin Perez: Background Vocals Richard Julian: Background Vocals

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