Has so far yielded the final official release of the Al & Mark album Fidelis Ad Mortem. Also debuting this month is the second season of Most Cowbell!!! Next will be the release of the next Spirits Burning concept piece An Alien Heat. Videos are released on a semi-random but regular schedule. See the videos page for the latest.


I re-released the compilation record I did for Helen Wheels back in 99, Archetype. I started a weekly vlog called Most Cowbell!! on youtube. I put out my second solo record, Surrealist in July. In November I re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released that Holiday record, this time called, It's Christmas… Again.


Has been a very busy year for me. I re-released David Roter's first two albums as a single album, Beauty of the Bambo, and completed his last album, Roter's Monsters. I also completed my Christmas album with the help of my brother Joe, Andy Shernoff, Tish and Snooky and many other very talented people on the New York scene, Manic Panic Christmas. Projects coming up are a law enforcement themed record with my friend Mark Barkan, a new Blue Coupe record, another solo record and another Spirits Burning collaboration with sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock.