Mike Pinera and Albert Bouchard talk with students from Windber Area High School after the concert they preformed at the Arcadia Theater Saturday night.

Pinera, a former member of the Iron Butterfly and Bouchard, founding member of the Blue Oyster Cult, are two of the members of the Classic Rock All Stars group. They talked to the students about all the aspects of the record industry, from writing music to performing.

Bouchard, who teaches music at a college, stressed the importance of getting an education before deciding to give the industry a try. He said up until Saturday Night Live did the famous "Cow Bell" skit, "nobody knew who I was. They would say 'Oh I never heard of that music or maybe my grandparents do'," he said.

The drummer said what also brought the Blue Oyster Cult music to today's audience was the guitar video games.

"Now they all want to learn how to play our songs. That really brought them to our music than just the cow bell thing," he said.

Bouchard told the students, "If you have any inclination to write then that is totally the way to go. If you are not that good of singer or not that good of musician, then it is important to write a very good song. Song writers get paid from the first time the song is performed. Musicians have to promote their music. They have to go on the road. They have to pay everybody. Song writers do not have to pay anybody.  They get paid from record one. That is the beauty of being a writer."

Bouchard has written a number of songs over his career, but said a few years ago he received a "big check, five big ones in fact" for a song that he wrote more than 20 years ago and was now being performed.

"I said, wow, how good is that? If you have any inclination to write, then go for it," he said.

In addition to Bouchard's writing career, Pinera added that the song he wrote early in his career, "Ride Captain Ride," paid off handsomely when it was played during the Olympics

"That was great," he said.

The other two members of the Classic Rock All Stars included Goldy McJohn from Steppenwolf and Prescott Niles from the Knack. All of the band members signed autographs and posed for photos for the fans after the show. While Bouchard and Pinera worked with the students McJohn and Niles sat and talked with fans for well over an hour after the show.