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by Albert Bouchard

Released 2017
Released 2017
This is the 2nd solo album by Albert Bouchard. Far more rockier than the first, the emphasis is still on great songs and is loosely based around the theme of Art. It also features guests, Felice Rosser, Dana McCoy, Vincente Tiburcio and Ace Bouchard.
1. 1000 Years
2. Trick of Moonlight (About A Mermaid)
3. Voyeur (Pt. II)
4. Million Conversations
5. Sky (featuring Dana McCoy)
6. Vast Dark Night
7. Hands That Built America (featuring Felice Rosser)
8. Soy Extranjero
9. Rains Too Deep
10. 25 To Life (Pàno)
11. Galelio Galilei

Produced by Albert Bouchard
Front Cover - Jeremy Harper
Back and Inside Covers - Kathy Vargas
Engineered by Albert Bouchard
Mastered by Andy VanDette

All instruments by Albert Bouchard except:
Bass on 2, 3, 7, 8, 11 Vincente Tiburcio
Guitar on 8 Vicente Tiburcio
Lead Guitar on 7 Joe Bouchard
Synths and edits on 4 Ace Bouchard

All vocals by Albert Bouchard except:
Vocals on 5 Dana McCoy
Vocal on 7 Felice Rosser
Background Vocals on 4 Ace Bouchard

Albert Bouchard uses Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Heads,
ProMark Drumsticks, DW Drums, LP Percussion

All Songs by K Vargas & A Bouchard (ASCAP) except:
2. A Bouchard D Roter (ASCAP) M Barkan (BMI)
4. A Bouchard Ace Bouchard K Vargas (ASCAP)

Thanks to Jeremy Harper, Joe Bouchard, Joe Hurley,
Dennis Dunnaway, Tish and Snooky, Lesa my love
and all the fans everywhere