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Manic Panic Christmas

by Albert & the Sleigh Riders

Released 2016
Released 2016
Albert Bouchard assembled a stellar cast of characters to create this holiday themed recording. Among the musicians and singers are Tish and Snooky, Joe Cerisano, Christine Ohlman, Mickey Leigh, Keith Roth, Joe Bouchard, Joe Hurley and Andy Shernoff
This album was the brainchild of Snooky (Eileen Bellomo) and Albert Bouchard.
Most of the instruments were played by Albert Bouchard except for:
guitars on Manic Panic Teknikolor Christmas by Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist),
trumpet on Christmas Yearning by Wayne Cobham (Michael Jackson, Billy Cobham),
bass on Come Christmas, You Always Hated Christmas and Another Christmas song by Andy Shernoff. (Dictators, Master Plan)
Joe Bouchard played all the instruments except drums on Festivus and My Christmas Baby.
Keith Roth (Frankenstein 5000) sang Manic Panic Teknikolor Christmas.
Christine Ohlman (SNL vocalist) sang Christmas Yearning.
Joe Cerisano (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Silver Condor) sang Christmas on the Road.
Mickey Leigh (Rattlers, Ramones) sang Haunted Holiday.
Joe Hurley (Rogue's March, The Gents) sang You Always Hated Christmas.
Meli sang lead vocal on Las Vegas Christmas.
Joe Bouchard sang Festivus and My Christmas Baby.
Albert was the vocalist on the remaining songs.
Tish and Snooky sang all background vocals.
Peter Robbins played Cowbell on Festivus
Lesa O'Connell can be heard Christmas carolling on You Always Hated Christmas

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