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Critical Mass

by Ünderbelly

Released 2011
Released 2011
This is an Ünderbelly take on a song from Les' space rock opera RINGS.
Soft White Underbelly started in 1967 at Stony Brook University. After less than a year of touring they got a record deal with Elektra records. The Soft White Underbelly never completed their first record. Their singer, Les Brunstein, left the band over artistic differences. After several more personnel changes they evolved into Blue Öyster Cult. Ünderbelly is the reunion of two of the people from that band, Les Brunstein, now going by the stage name, Les Vegas, and drummer, Albert Bouchard. The group is rounded out by bass player David Hirschberg, a veteran of Albert's former group the Brain Surgeons, and guitar wizard Adrian Romero. The underbelly formed in 2007 and has played gigs in New York City and France. These recordings are the first studio recordings.

Les Vegas - voice
Albert Bouchard - drums, voice, synthesizer, band fader
David Hirschberg - bass
Adrian Romero - guitar, voice
mixed by A. Bouchard