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Beauty of the Bambo

by David Roter Method

Released 2016
Unknown Tongue
Released 2016
Unknown Tongue
The David Roter Method featured David Roter and members of the Dictators, Blue Oyster Cult, the Del Lords, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Bob Dylan, the Psychedelic Furs, PIL, David Johansen, Helen Wheels and others.
BAMBO copyright 1987
“This time the animals are going to win.”
Songwriter and humanitarian. It is not a well-known fact but David makes a habit of visiting underprivileged kids in state institutions. He sings to them and sells New York Mets baseball caps at three times retail price. On one recent visit David was singing to a tow-headed little boy with a serious case of hemorrhoids.Suddenly the cute little maverick exclaimed, “David, when you sing, the itching stops.” Later in the hospital chapel David vowed to dedicate his singing career to helping those afflicted with itchy type problems.

BEAUTY OF THE ISLAND copyright 1989
Songwriter and humanitarian. David was walking down the Upper West Side of New York City lost in thought. It had been more than a year since the release of his album Bambo, which a close relative of his dental hygienist’s had declared “a masterpiece, very nice.” Why had success eluded him?
In his peripheral vision he saw a tasteful dressed transvestite being approached by a man begging for money. The transvestite exploded in a hearty laughing voice, “Honey,” he said, “why don’t you do like me and earn your money the old-fashioned way, I sell my pussy.”
Just then a troubled Columbia Professor who was passing by turned to his wife and said, “I do hope he is speaking metaphorically, dear.” David, ever alert to the pain of others, forgot about his own problems, put his arm around the professor and said, “If it helps any, Professor, I vote for metaphor.” For one brief moment, big bad New York City was as friendly as any town in Iowa.

Albert Bouchard: Drums, Background vocals
Jack Rigg: Guitar, Background vocals
Manny Carati: Bass, Background vocals
Charles Giordano: Keyboards
Joe Bouchard: Keyboards, Bass
Tommy Mandel: Keyboards
Tommy Zvonchek: Keyboards
Paul Garisto: Drums
Bruce Brody: Keyboards
Kenny Aaronson: Bass
Andy Shernoff: Bass
Richie Fliegler: Guitar
Buck Dharma: Guitar

More background singers:
Scott Kemper
Ben Bilal
Martha Trachtenberg
Robin Nash
Diana Mae Munch
Mike Krieger