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1. GHOSTS (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
JFK wants passion and a flame that'll never cease
Janis is just looking for some sweet release.
We’re all restless wanderers until we sleep
In the arms of love profound and ocean deep

Anne Boleyn searches for her pearly “B”
And Henry the king he’ll never be.
Marilyn wonders why she sleeps alone
James Dean sulks in heaven like he did at home
Every ghost wants something unfulfilled,
Every ghost a shadow, a shadow looking still
But I have love & happiness today
Love keeps me breathing
I think I’ll stay       

Ghosts who never get everything they need
Aren’t ever happy even when they’re freed
From mortal coils that tie them to lost love
For hungry lovers enough is not enough
Andy wants his paintbrush and his muse
Edie wants a mirror to abuse
J. Edgar wants his mommy and mommy bids her son
Keep your secrets hidden 'til you’re done
Curled around each other, my love in my arms
All night long to keep her safe from harm
Ghosts around our bed, go away
All I ever wanted I have today

2. ROADSHOW (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
I’ve spent my life learning to roar
On hundred-city summer tours
Airport to limo to the show
One night’s wizardry  before I go

I’m from the age of rock and roll
The age of blues, the age of soul
With notes so fine and round and firm
They’ll make you gasp, they’ll make you squirm

I’m from the age of troubadours
Men set free by their guitars
Stretching hands across a chord
Until the melody line soars

Tonight I'll bring you spells and magic
Filled with stories strange and tragic
Filled with longing, filled with bliss
And one night's worth of sky to kiss

I’ll sing to you and hold your hand
In blue suede shoes I am your man
A wanderer across the skies
I find my home inside your eyes

The amps rev up, the stage lights sear
Gone too soon, tonight I’m here
I have an hour, maybe two
To spill out my love for you

Everything I know of life
Love and pain sharp as a knife
I play them to your hungry ear
Stage center I can hold you near

Remember me when next we meet
And in between move to my beat
Hear my echo when things get quiet
I’ll be back when you need a riot.

3. RAVENS (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
A swift flock of ravens on a cloudy day
Draws a trail of contrast black on grey
Crossing the horizon in rapid flight
Soaring to meet the descending night

Stitching a line between land and sea
I reach out my finger to set them free
Tomorrow they'll arrive where you sleep
In another land darkness seeped

I watch the ravens fly as you lay dying
Hearing you insist I won't have crying
Did you really mean to die so soon
Darkness descends like night follows noon

As the raven horde sweeps to the night
Your soul leaps skyward catching flight
Leaving me here unable to rise
I let you go with one last sigh

Wings beat the air like soft thunder
The sky darkens the day grows somber
I won't see you again while I live
As day follows night and take follows give

Gravity anchors me flight has failed
Far far above the moon rises pale
All I ever wanted was one last smile
But you've flown with the ravens lost to time

4. DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME (David Roter)
I saw an old lady on the subway
Crazy look on her face
She was talking to some people who were not there
Staring into empty space

I was moved I sat down beside her
Put some money in her hand
She let my dollar fall to the floor
She said you don't understand
Just what I need

Do you believe in me
I started to laugh
Do you believe in me
Lady you make me feel
Maybe there's a way for us both to be real
If you believe in me

Uncle Louie he's a solid man
Built his house out of stone
His daughter plays the piano
He never sleeps alone

And some people say he's a happy man
Others say he's just a mess
When he fell off his chair he grabbed hold of my hand
He looked in my eyes and he asked

Do you believe in me
I got to know
Do you believe in me
You make me feel
Maybe there's a way for us both to be real
If you believe in me

Even on 42nd street people vanished in the air
We got to hold each other close so we don't disappear
I don't want to disappear

5. PRAYER (LIGHT THE DARK) (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Lord, I don’t know my way
I have no idea where I’ll stay
Tonight, tomorrow, the next day
I must hang oh God I pray

I sleep in buildings full of rats
Abandoned husks, cold as hell
Screams and curses in the streets
From little girls with bodies to sell

Hear to my voice
let it light a spark
Give me a chance
light up the dark

Day labored for a man who'd bray
Every word he had to say
Worked me dawn to sun’s dying ray
Two bucks was all he had to pay

He’s a king in my pauper’s tale
He succeeds only if I fail
That’s how he sees my travail
How do I tell him that story’s stale

If we live or die in each other’s greed
Neither of us will succeed
If we live and die in each other’s grace
We meet each man face to face

Don’t want your pity, don’t want sorrow
Just a better tomorrow
A job to give us both a piece
Of what we all want, the American dream

Don’t forget me here in the cold, damp dark.
Listen to my voice; let it light a spark.
I deserve respect; I can make my mark
Give me a chance; light up the dark.

6. TRINITY (A Bouchard)
I think of my tattoo
When I think what defines me
People ask what does it mean
To me it stands for trinity

It could be holy
But not necessarily
It could stand simply
For my family

Irish, Canadian and American
That's what makes my ancestry
I think I am a lot of things
But my strongest roots are three

The celtic knot is my mother's side
My grandfather came across the sea
For new life in America
The land of opportunity

I'm a parent, musician, teacher
That's the work of mine I see
I strive to set a good example
And live up to the trinity

7. CRY 3X (M Barkan, A Bouchard, R Gordon)
You're just a slap in the face
You're the queen of the block
The word's on the street
You've got a heart like a rock
But you're not fooling me

So Cry Cry Cry
Baby you can cry if you want to
Cry Cry Cry
It's not so bad if you got to
Go ahead and cry

You been fighting so long
Because it makes you feel strong
But you're fooling yourself
You can't make it alone
And you're not fooling me

You think it's cool to be cold
It's going to make you feel old
If you think you're so smart
You're going to break your own heart
And you're not fooling me

8. VOYEUR (PT. I) (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
I hear you breathing behind your door
I glimpse you walking, but I want more
I won’t hurt you, well, not much
I only crave a closer touch  

You’re such, such, such an addiction.

I’m a voyeur, look come see,
Or leave that pleasure to me,
A living camera’s what I’ll be,
Impossible to set you free

You’re such, such, such an addiction.

I stand on fringes, it's not that tough
I own you with my eyes, it’s enough
No need to fear how near I come
No need to wonder when I’ll be done – never.

I want you always in my eye
It’s my courtship, don’t be shy
I’ll own you now until we die
Nothing for it, you’re all mine

You’re such, such, such an addiction.

9. FACE IN YOUR MIRROR (A Bouchard, K Vargas)
My scarred face inside your mirror
Bears no resemblance to the man
Who posed before your needy eyes
When I thought you loved me
I have become an erasure
My freedom held in your rejection
I give you my compassion
And return to my reflection
Then I raise your silver needle
Shifting my visage, folding its layers
Stitching flesh to bone that crumbles
Overlapping discarded pain
Metaphysical incantation
Self-creation with no past
Alchemy of baser matter
Forgetfulness of what I was
We are born for pain like this
It makes a human know his flesh
Behind the self who once loved you
I am an altogether different man
I hide behind the mask I made
And lose myself in your searing stare
Are we ever as we appear
When looking through a lover’s mirror?
Take your tears and numb my flesh
To the pain of re-emerging
Where once I was filled with wanting
Now I crave freedom from yearning
My reflection on the surface
Of this distorted lover’s mirror
Traces the lines of my trembling scalpel
As I discard the skin your arms embraced

10. ALL DREAMING (A Bouchard, C Pineda, K Vargas)
Everything imagined
In the dream of fate
Twists itself

Fate itself
Is dreaming
Only dreaming and you
All dreaming

Eyes opaque
I touch your face
Only my fingers
See you

Dream of day
Dream of night
Unfold the thread
Of shadow

Pride and power
To the dream
Of everyday

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