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This is the official site of Albert Bouchard. There are some other Abert Bouchards out there on the web but this the site for Albert Bouchard, the musician. I played and wrote songs for Blue Oyster Cult and have been involved in many other groups and projects that I am proud to be associated with. I continue to make records and write songs as well as do as many gigs as I can fit into my schedule. I update this website from time to time so come back every month or so to see what the latest mischief I've gotten myself into.

NEWS FLASH: Blue Coupe is still hard at work on our next full length album and is still on track to be released in the last days of May. An Alien Heat has finally been released on Gonzo Records, and may be ordered from their website (or on Amazon) once it is back in stock. Don Falcone and I have been plotting out the next release in the Dancers At The End of Time trilogy, The Hollow Lands.

The next season of my weekly vlog series, Most Cowbell!!! is about to start season 3. Watch for it on YouTube and subscribe, if you haven't already, to see every episode.

Finally, 2018 saw me on stage with Blue Oyster Cult, Bouchard Bros. and Blue Coupe as well as the fabulous Yacht Rock Revue. See the photos page for photos and check out the new Video page for some videos of the gigs and all kinds of more new videos.